Monday, August 10, 2009

Wake up call

Had a good discussion with a few friends today. We were talking about the "snitch" e-mail that current administration set up. Apparently, if you know anyone who speaks out against or see someone blogging negative things about the National Health Care Plan, you are to report them immedately to
Just what are they going to do with this list of dissidents? Not too sure myself... but it can't be good.
Also, we touched on the Emergency Powers act that enables the Pres to do just about anything if he declares an emergency first.
Well, all that chat got me modivated again to do some shopping. I got a crap-ton more canned goods tonight. When I came home, my wife was like, "Where are we going to put all this stuff?"
My larder is looking pretty deep at the moment and it makes me feel a little better knowing I can feed my family when the shumer hits the ocilator.
I'm planning another trip to get bulk grain in two weeks. I'm hoping to start on my second year of supply... more later.


scoutinlife said...

This weekend I will start canning tomatoes & green beans from my garden. Went throught he deer gear need a couple items replaced, taking my vacation time for gun & muzzleloader season....Great blog added a link on my blog for yours....

Jimmy (pen name) said...

Thanks. Yours is now on my site.

Jimmy (pen name) said...

Just another reason to be ready.