Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I just ordered some non-hybrid seeds Non-hybrid or heirloom seeds are those that are not genetically modified and will reproduce true year after year. Conversely, hybrid seeds are genetically modified to produce large plants and fruit, but unfortunately, it's seeds will not.
I spoke to the gentleman from Everlasting Seeds on the phone and he was very nice. They offer discounts to military veterans and even deeper discounts if you are a disabled vet. This part interested me the most and led to my decision to purchase from him. Seeds can store for up to 15 years- if kept in a cool dark area. His seeds come with a "how to" guide that explains how to plant the seeds.
You can Click here to download the growing guide (zipped). (This is a good idea even if you don't buy their seeds.) I ordered the Vegi-Max #10 can. If planted all at once, it would take about 3/4 - 1 acre of land. This amount of food will feed a family of seven very easily. Now, if you were to supplement it with your food storage, it would go even further. You don't even have to plant all of it- just what you need. And you can harvest and save the seeds for the next season.
(I swiped the following from another seed company http://www.non-hybrid-seeds.com/)
"Food Supply Security – The economic crisis facing the United States and the world may come to a head in the food supply system. What are the real threats to food supply from the current economic crisis? If the economic downturn becomes inflationary, the cost of real goods, like groceries could skyrocket. It might become unmanageable very quickly, with cost of items like a loaf of bread going to $100 in paper money. It sounds unbelievable but this has actually happened countless times throughout the world and the signs of its potential abound now. [J.S. I think this is going to happen right after interest rates skyrocket in the next year or so.]
Any reasonably concerned head of family or community would benefit form the simple insurance of non-hybrid seeds. The more the better. Savable, re-plantable seeds are simply a requirement in food security for the individual, family and community. This is no time for little packets of seeds. For a true sense of security in your food supply, ensure that you, your family and community have plenty of non-hybrid- seeds available for use and also for storage.
Lower Cost of Living – In difficult times, one of the best ways to reduce your cost of living is growing your own food. In WWII 1940’s, America’s 20 Million “Victory Gardens” produced the same amount of food as the entire commercial farming industry! The economic crisis of 2009 may demand the return of home gardening as a way to endure and thrive in tough economic times. Saving your own seeds from your personal harvest is not only an immediate way to save money on next year’s produce, it’s the best long-term plan for economic security by lowering your cost of living immediately and permanently.In summary, seed storage should be a part of your preparedness regime. "
Lastly, don't just let your seeds sit in a tin somewhere, PLANT them and get the practice now while your survival is not in jeopardy. Now is the time to get your garden going and learn how to do it- that way, when some of your crops fail, you can learn from your mistakes and do better the next time. My garden this year produced a good amount of potatoes- my tomatoes didn't fare so well though. My herbs did OK, but my peppers were awful. That's why it's a good idea to plant a good variety so if one crop fails, the others will buoy you.
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