Friday, August 28, 2009

Solar Garden Lights

I purchased these solar lights from Wal-Mart a few months back when they were having a sale.  I got 11 lights for $12.  This was a dang good deal if you ask me.  There were a few models- I chose the one with only one LED.  There were others that had three LEDs per lamp, but for the price and sale going on, I felt this was the best deal.
     Just set them out in your garden or along your driveway to charge.  Then when you need them, just pull off the stake part and turn them upside down!  They don't put off copious amounts of light, but they do work well.  This is only 2, but I have 11.  That's even enough to help out neighbors if need be.  If I were to have all 11 spread around my house, there would be no problem with lighting at all.  What's nice about these is that you don't have a fire hazard and they will stay on all night for trip to the bathroom or for a glass of water (from my gravity fed water filter).
     If you need to turn off the light, there is just a rechargeable AA battery inside that you just pop out.  Which brings up another good point, should you not have your lights pre-charged, you can just put in any old AA and it will work fine.
     I have kids, and so any time the power goes out, they freak out.  This goes a long way to bringing normalcy to the home.  I believe that the grid will eventually turn off, so until I purchase a several thousand dollar solar system, this will have to do.  So, even if you have a generator or candles, I recommend getting some of these cheap landscaping lights to add to your preparedness stuff.  Easy, cheap and it works.

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