Friday, September 2, 2011

Trip report & pics

Well, I was relieved to see that everything was still there. No signs of disturbance and there wasn't even any spiderwebs or critters in my cabin. The weather is still crazy hot- I got up there about 11am and by 5pm I think I was suffering from heat exhaustion (dizziness, chills, fatigue). So, I stripped down and hosed myself off (only to be bitten by horse flies!). Oh, well, I survived.

Unfortunately, my new stove did not make it there in one piece. I must have hit a bump or two going there cause the top part of my stove is MIA. I've measured it and plan to get a 1/2" steel plate for a replacement.

I chopped some wood with my maul (very dry and it splits easy) and tested out the new Husky chain saw. Here's some advice- make sure that the chain is tight before you start it. I assumed that the factory had it tight- they did not. I worked on the wood pile for a few hours both days till the chain got dull, then packed it up. I have a sharpener, but didn't feel like sawing any more wood.

I made measurements for a front porch and for steps to the big door on the side. I also plan to put fiber board (the kind you can stick tile to) on the walls and floor around where the stove is. I also measured out the stove pipe I need- I'm going to go straight up.  (That yellow 4x4 is my kids'. That's my outhouse and 4x4 trailer in the background.)  I also used both my 4-wheeler and truck to pull out some stumps that were in the way.

I did see a big doe up there when I was four wheeling. I spooked her and she just looked and me for a second and then bounded away. Just 1 more month and she'll likely be on someones dinner plate!

Dinner was rice and beans.  Breakfast was pancakes.  Lunch was a can of jambalaya.