Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Website update and more

Greetings.  It's been a VERY busy few weeks.

The www.infidelbodyarmor.com website is up and it is keeping me extremely busy.  In fact, I probably shouldn't be blogging right now.  We've expanded the line to include more carriers and side plates.

Advertising has expanded as well.  From Pat's review on SurvivalBlog.com, we're going to be running ads on a few other websites as well as on syndicated public radio.  Check out the radio ad.

We've now got custom boxes with our logo on it. 

What am I doing with the proceeds?  Prepping of course!

Picked up a few goodies and added to the pile of stuff I hope I'll never need, but rest easier knowing I have it.

Advice?  Surround yourself with positive people who are successful in what they do.  A little might rub off on you!