Friday, August 7, 2009


Today, I went down to the feed store and bought 50lbs of cracked corn for $7. FYI, 50 lbs of this will fit exactly in two 5 gallon buckets.
I put it through my wheat grinder twice- starting with the coarsest setting and then taking it to medium. The grinder handled it no problem. BTW I have a Family Grain Mill with the hand crank. I bought a piece of metal from Speedymetals so I can use my powerdrill. Works great and I recommend it.
I believe I will make some corn bread or some breakfast grits with this- as I'm happy with the grinding. I did make some into a flour for some other experimenting.
A note here: this product (the corn) was designed for animials- chickens primarily. Whilst inspecting the grain I did discover some foreign seeds. There was some oats, rye and others I couldn't identify. I'm not overly concerned about this- considering the price and availability of the corn.
Next week I will buy the whole corn though- I didn't do that this time because I thought the pre-cracked corn would be easier on my grinder (which it was). The whole yellow corn is only a dollar less than the cracked variety.

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