Tuesday, October 13, 2009

RE: Bugging out dilema

Michael responded to my post about my bugging out dilema.  (I'll repost his reply here)

If you are not going anywhere why invest in a truck and trailer? You have to make up your mind what you are going to do and then get busy trying to make it a reality. You have three young girls and that may be a heavy burden on you in the future. Either start getting ready to bug out or get busy bugging in.  ~Michael

First, thanks for the comment.  This is a good question, one I asked myself in the original post.  Why should I buy a trailer if I don't have a place to go?  Well, at this point in my prepping, it seems like the next logical step in getting prepared.  I have prepared to "bug in" about as much as I can (food, clothing, fuel, water, medical/dental, entertainment...) though we're never done preparing- now I am preparing for another contigency- the one where I cannot stay "bugged in."  My girls are part of the equation, I don't consider them a burden, they are the reason I am doing this.

As much as I want to stay in my home with all the luxuries and ammenities of suburbia, there may come a time when I need to bug out, despite all my preparations to bug in.  The time may come when I am forced to abandon my property in order to preserve my life and the lives of my family.  That may be due to riots, gangs, fires, floods, marshall law, looters, etc....

I am well into my preparation for bugging in.  So, now that I've crossed off much of those items off my list, I'm working toward preparing to bug out.  How do you bug out?

I believe Michael said it best: You have to make up your mind what you are going to do and then get busy trying to make it a reality. The only thing is, I have to make up my mind what I'm going to do in each circumstance and then make it a reality.

That means having multiple contingency plans for multiple scenarios.  Plan A, B, C...

I believe that an economic diaster that devolves into complete chaos is the most likely scenario (Patriots-type scenario).  That will be the first scenario I plan for.  Other scenarios may include pandemics, nuclear attack, terrorism, political changes...

Plan A for economic disaster for me is bugging in. 
  • Stay in my home as long as possible.  Group together with my friends and church members and try to weather the storm.  I have food, water and fuel for heat and cooking for a good while- with adequte defense agaist small armed non-military groups.
Plan B for economic disaster is bugging out- in the event that plan A does not appear possible on the outset or not viable due to deteriorating situations after some period of bugging in.
  • If there is time, try to get to a rural community where I have friends or family (I have a few prospects here). 
  • If there is not time, try to get to a forested area (one that I've pre-scouted and left caches)
Plan C for econmic disaster- if I've delayed bugging out to the point where it is not possible and bugging in is not possible.
  • Bury all my guns and ammo, stand in the FEMA lines and beg for mercy.
For my bug out trailer set up, I'm considering using a double trailer, one to haul the supplies and the other to live in.

Picture something like this (from http://www.expeditionrangecamps.com/ )

I will use a travel trailer instead of the range camp (there's is very well built with thick insulation and a wood burning stove inside)- very nice, but not exactly what I'm looking for.  The trailer behind it will be inclosed and hold my food supply, tools...

Or like the second photo- minus the boat :)

This way I can put a lot more stuff in my second trailer.  If need be I can disconnect or reload as necessary.  I think a setup like either of these will work fine for me- though there are definate draw backs.  Manueverablity being one of the greatest.

Before someone tells me this is illegal:
Check out this map.  The maximum length of a captive convoy ranges from 65 feet in Arizona and California to 99 feet in Mississippi.  My bug out plan does not include going into any of the states colored in red.

BTW, I'm in the middle of Glen Beck's Common Sense.  So far so good.  More of the same from him, but its good to get it all in writing.  The message is "Don't trust the government, vote for the right person vs the right party- and reading between the lines-  its too late, we're already screwed, its time for a revolution.


Staying Alive said...

Well, you have to time your bugging out pretty close. If everyon eelse is doing the same thing you might never make it. I read about folks getting stopped by traffic fleeing from the wrath of Katrina. One family had to show pistols twice to keep from getting ripped off. Just leave when no one else is doing it and you'll make it, probably.

Those folks you know out in the hinterlands cn be a very nice touch for you. Get in contact with them and arrange your spot on their farm or whatever. Planning ahead and getting permisson and things like that can save you a lot of trouble. You might consider a second truck to haul the smaller trailer. Just be legal.


Keith said...

If you are going to move early, fine, take your trailer. But if you are going to wait until TSHTF, then leave your traler behind. You are going to have enough trouble trying to get out of a city as it is, and the last thing you need is a trailer hanging off the back!!!
Travel light and travel fast. If you have somewhere out bush to go to, move things now.
I live in a forest, my home is self-sufficient, so are we. But even so we may have to leave here. When we leave we will more than likely leave on foot. We have practiced this over and over through 18th century historical trekking, so it is not a problem. We are prepared.
Regards, Le Loup.