Thursday, October 15, 2009

From Wall Street Journal: Putting Up Produce: Yes, You Can

Imagine how surprized I was when I was reading the Wall Street Journal this morning and I opened to the Life and Style section and found a big article on canning food?!

The article goes on about how more and more people are turning to gardening and canning their food in response to the economic down turn.  According to the article: At Jarden Corp.'s Jarden Home Brands—the maker of Kerr and Ball brand jars—sales of canning equipment are up 30% this year through mid-September, over the same period in 2008.

While the author is "not motivated enough to tackle a canning session on my own, but [she's] definitely interested in team canning, which was as much fun as a dinner party and more productive."

I believe that preparation and general self-sufficient living is becoming more main stream-  wow, just think, soon we won't be considered crazy wacko survival people!

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