Monday, October 26, 2009

Coleman Stove

Picked up a Coleman 413H Powerhouse camp stove this weekend at a flea market for $15.  Looks like it had never been used for anything other than collecting dust.  I fired it up last night (still had some fuel in it) and it burned like a champ (Coleman Fuel stores for years).
Question to those with more experience: Regular unleaded is ok to use with these right?  (It's not designated as a "dual fuel" stove)  I believe that it will be safe, but that the generator may gum up and go bad sooner due to the additives in gasoline compared to Coleman fuel.  **Need to buy and store extra generators either way** I'm sure you can repair the generator by soaking it in gumout/carb cleaner and/or using sewing needles to clean out the vapor holes.
Here's how the refining tower does different fuels (highest refinement to lowest): LPG, white gasoline, Racing gas, Avgas, Gasoline, K1 kerosene, kerosene fuel oil, #1 fuel oil, #2 fuel oil, #3 fuel oil, # 4 motor oils. (from Survival blog)
I read that in England they use some kind of wipe liquid designed to prep cars for a paint job.  In the US you can use white gas as a direct substitute for Coleman Fuel. 
Of course Coleman says to only use their fuel- but that's just so they can make more money.   I've heard of folks using gasoline for years without an issue.  Wondering if premium or regular is the better product for this stove.  My guess is premium due to it having a higher octane than regular (white gas has even more octane than racing fuel)- but the extra additives in premium may be worse.
I'll have to give it a try this weekend- burning unleaded in my Coleman stove.
BTW- I got a truck this past weekend.  I'll post pictures tomorrow.  2004, 2500, 4dr, 4x4, diesel- and my average fuel mileage so far is 24mpg. 26-27 on the hwy!

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