Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Got my truck- BOV

As promised, here is a photo of my "new" truck.  2004 Dodge 2500 4X4 with a I6 Cummins 24 valve diesel. Planning new bumpers and a toolbox/fuel tank combo.

I believe I got a great bargain for it- there are a few minor things that need attention, but it appears to be a very solid truck.  The part that surprised me the most was my fuel economy.  On the hwy I got 26mpg on average.  Total combined mileage after 150 miles of on-off hwy driving is 21mpg.  That's with a clogged air filter and tires that need balancing.  

Since I have no idea as to the maintenance done on the truck (can anyone run my vin in carfax for free?) I'm planning to change out all the fluids/filters and have the transmission bands adjusted (it shifts fine though).  I can do everything myself except for the transmission and the wheel balancing.  

The next step in my GOOD plan is to get a travel trailer.  I'm looking for a 5th wheel variety (goose neck).

I just ground up some corn and now I'm baking up some sweet cornbread for a chili cook-off at church tomorrow.    

My perspectives on the state of the world- 

I heard that Barak Husein Obama condemns the recent attacks on the troops in Afghanistan. How about he actually do something about it?!

There was a special on PBS today about Herbert Hoover- it consisted of historians who raved about how great a president he was.  Never did they mention that he pretty much invented welfare, high taxes, government interference in business, and increase government spending on a level never before seen.
     I did learn however, that he sent half a million illegal Mexicans back to Mexico.  But that hardly makes up for his allowing police to fire on WWI veterans and ordering General MacArthur to remove thousands of veterans and their families from demonstrating in Washington for payment they never received ~   MacArthur was told they were communists!
     Perhaps  John Nance Garner (Roosevelt's running mate) had it right when he accused the Republican (Hoover) of "leading the country down the path of socialism".  It's both parties folks.

I've also been reminded that many Americans just don't care about politics or the state of the economy.  We are living up to our fat and lazy image.  Learning and doing something about anything is just too hard.

I feel I am a patriot.  I love my country; yet, more and more I despise those that claim to speak on our behalf.  I will not be voting for ANY incumbent this next election.  I want a turn over and a chance for some real change this time- the only way for that to happen is to get the old dudes out and put some fresh blood in- preferably non-party blood.


Unknown said...

Great site Jimmy! I totally agree with you here. Unfortunately we've been living in a two-headed one party system for a while now and unless we get some new liberty-minded people in office there's little "hope for change".

Jimmy (pen name) said...

Agreed. Who are the good candidates? How do we find out who the real conservatives are? Don't buy the BS from the Republican party- research the candidates yourself.

Bitmap said...

I like the vehicle.