Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Poll: What do you fear in a collapse?

I've been thinking about possible scenarios- and there are lots of them.

Do you picture a collapse where the government is going door to door trying to confiscate guns and knives?  A world where you are being herded into a FEMA camp?  Do you see the national guard or the military roaming the streets looking for curfew violators- who will take your rights away in the name of marshal law?  Do you foresee zealous police officers that shoot first and don't ask questions?  What about the government taking over farms and food supplies?  What about them setting up check points to limit travel?

Or do you picture a collapse where riots have broken out in major cities and the fires burn uncontrolled?  Where looters are taking everything they can get their hands on.  Gangs are the only organized and armed organizations left in the cities- as police have either already been killed or have abandoned their posts to protect their own families.  Do you see gangs raping and pillaging along the suburbs after the resources of the cities are exhausted?

What about a collapse where most everyone "bugs in" -including your ill-prepared neighbors who soon turn to looting themselves?  Suburban neighbors may turn to cannibalism in order to feed their own families.  Do you foresee the herd of city-folks rushing to the suburbs and raiding homes in search of food from more prepared suburbanites?

What about escaped convicts who over-run the prisons?  Do they roam the countryside shooting and looting and killing everything in sight?

I think all of these are scenarios that may happen- or any combination there of.  Just wondering what you all think are the most likely.  I know I'm leaving some variation out- these are the top things I'd consider in the event of a total collapse.

Likely, in major cities that haven't burnt to the ground (perhaps b/c the National Guard got there first) Marshal Law would be enacted and the military would rule there.  In other parts of the US, the gangs would rule.  If prisoners escape- they could wreak havoc pretty much anywhere.  My neighbors, some good and some bad, make me the most nervous.  How soon could we organize a REAL neighborhood watch?  Would there been moochers from within who wouldn't or couldn't pull their own weight?

Assuming a slow decline into a collapse (I think this is the most likely), at what point do you get out of Dodge?  When the looting starts?  When the Humvees role into your neighborhood (too late then).  When you hear word of a prison break?  I think those are good answers.

One of my friends believes that the government will slowly take our weapons and other things away.   And make a law that says, "by this date, if you still have a weapon, you are a felon."  People still have jobs at this point- chaos has not broken out.  But do you call it then and Bug Out?  What if you are caught?  How do you provide for your family when you are in jail on a weapons charge?  Do you just go along with the system and hope for the best?  Tough questions.

I know this is a lot of rambling, but these are the thoughts in my mind over the past few days.  I've been looking to buy a truck and a travel trailer- but when I get those things- or even now, when will I know its time?  When do I quit my job and say, "hon, we're going to leave the house- pack the 72 hr kits and whatever you can and let's go."?

Finally, I don't have family or friends with any land within 1000 miles.  Assuming I don't have enough time or gas to get to them, where do I go?  I'm thinking the woods.  National and state forests.  But isn't that where everyone else will be going too?  How long could I survive out there?  I have my water filter and 1 year food supply, but farming would be ridiculous.  What are my other options?  I don't have land.  I don't have a cabin in the woods.  I don't have anywhere else really to go.  Am I better sticking it out and "bugging in" and toughing it out with the prepper friends I have here in the burbs?  Is getting a bug out vehicle a waste if I don't have any place to bug out to?  Lots of questions and hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight now that I've written them down.

Replies welcome.  Thanks.


Staying Alive said...

If you are not going anywhere why invest in a truck and trailer? You have to make up your mind what you are going to do and then get busy trying to make it a reality. You have three young girls and that may be a heavy burden on you in the future. Either start getting ready to bug out or get busy bugging in.


scrambo said...

you might want to befriend a farmer in your area and your intro is a good a guess as mine, but you might say something like hey if we end up in a financial crisis like greece would you be willing to take my family on as share croppers. if you find a like minded person and he has a farm he is already thinking about security. You discussing sharecropping would even be more valuable if you are a prepper with some supplies, heirloom seeds, and know how with firearms. just an idea.