Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Square foot Garden update

Okay... sorry no pics...still need to get another camera as the kiddos broke mine.

The frames were completed last weekend.  I filled them with a truck load of compost from the City of Mesquite recycling.  I got more than a cubic yard for $10 of really nice compost this past weekend.  Hint- use an empty trash can with wheels to transport your stuff to the backyard- WAY more efficient than a wheelbarrow.

Today, I stopped by Lowes (I am boycotting Home Depot cause they suck) and bought some peat moss @ $9/3.78 cubic feet minus my 10% military discount.  :) thanks Lowes.  I mixed that with the compost this afternoon with the kids.  I put in WAY more than I needed and now I have no room at all for vermiculite.  So, this year I will forgo that part of the mixture and see what compost and peat bring me.  I think the result will be tolerable. :)

The seedlings are doing awesome and will be ready to go into the garden just as soon as I finish marking off the grid pattern.  I'm pretty excited for the garden this year and hope to have a really good yield.  I have decided to do one 18 foot box by the fence instead of two smaller ones.  That gives me a total of 88 square feet this year!

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