Monday, March 29, 2010

Apple Trees

I purchased three apple trees today.  I picked up a Gala, a Red Delicious, and a Fuji.  All three will cross-pollinate and should provide apples from early to mid-season.  These trees are about 2 years old and should start producing in a year or two.  I'll plant them 10 feet apart with the Red Delicious in the middle.  The red is my least favorite of the three, but it is a good pollinator and hopefully will encourage the other trees to produce.  I purchased the semi-dwarf varieties.  They will grow 10-20 feet tall.  I'm excited about the trees, but I'm worried that I won't be able to give away enough apples- each will supposedly produce 500 apples/season!  Good thing I have my solar dehydrator.

I also picked up another blueberry bush at the nursery-  my single bush didn't produce more than a handful last year, I'm hoping that with a friend they will pollinate each other and start producing.  I was looking at fertilizer for the blueberries, but the gardener told me that I could apply cedar mulch and that would impart the acidity required by the bushes.  I'm also going to plant them both in the ground (last year I kept the one in a five gallon planter.

My seedlings are doing so well and I'm excited to look at them everyday when I come home from work to see how much they've grown.  For some reason spinach is taking MUCH longer to sprout than any of the other plants.  This is my first time with spinach, so I hope this is normal.

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Troop 1309 said...

You should check out the recipes and ideas for dehydrating at

I sprinkle cinnamon on apples before I dehydrate them. Then I grind up some of the dried apples and sprinkle them on yogurt, in tea, on muffins before I bake them, etc.