Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Poll results- Visiters want to form groups to prepare against the government overstepping it's bounds

These polls are still running, but it's clear that most of the people who responded would like to join a prepper group to aid in the defense against the government overstepping it's constitutional bounds and bandits (they might be the same group). Also, there are a good number of lone-wolf types that responded. That's something you will have to do on your own. For the rest of us, I want to try to help everyone form a prepper group.

I'm betting that my newest poll reflects a diverse group of people- although the majority will be conservative leaning.  (meaning that your group doesn't nesessarily have to be of the same political leaning as you- though it may help)

So, what can we do to identify individuals that would be interested in joining a survival group? What traits should they possess? How do you organize? How do you organize your preparations?

I'd like to address each of these questions in separate posts- starting with

How to identify individuals to be in your group.

First, make a list. List your talents and skills- and your weaknesses. Do some soul searching and be honest. Focus on the weaknesses and skills that you lack. You can either go and try to acquire the skills, or you can recruit someone who already possess them. I suggest both. Consider tactical experience, intelligence, leadership, wealth, medical knowledge, cooking skills, wood working skills, hunting skills, mechanical skills, welding, religious, humor...

Once you know the skill type you are looking for, where do you find these people? Well, the easiest place to start is with the people you already associate with. Ok, you are into OPSEC and nobody knows you are a prepper and you want to keep it that way- well, you can always fish. What's fishing? That's what you do when you lure a person into a conversation to see how they respond.

You could say something as innocent like, "What do you think about the economy?" If they respond that they aren't concerned or are oblivious, they might not be interested in joining your group... or if you ask, "last week was veterans day, you served in the military right? What did you do when you were in?" That can open the door to conversations about military tactics and their opinion on current military activities, guns....

You don't have to volunteer anything- just ask the right questions. Here are some other openers: "What do you think about the price of Gold? I saw it reached over a $1000/ounce last week." or "What do you think about the bailouts- do you think it will work?" or "I heard the new health care bill would put people in jail if they don't have health insurance, what do you think of that?"

These open-ended questions will reveal what kind of person you are dealing with. Don't preach, don't try to convert- just ask and listen.

Once you ID a potential group member- you might try something like, "I picked up a few extra groceries this week- I'm concerned about the economy." And see how they respond. Or, "I've heard that the price of guns has gone way up since Obama came into office- Do you think I should buy one" And listen to the response. You need to be a friend to this person before you ask them to join a group. Besides- they may be wacko. Interview them without them knowing it.

You might find the person you're looking for right away- or you might not. The thing is, get to know the people you hang out with- they may have the skills you need- they could join your group- or you could just learn from them.

So, you've exhausted everyone you know? Now go to farmers markets, coin shops, church, the shooting range, or other social events where you can meet new people and fish them/befriend them. Don't neglect to fish out family members and distant relatives. Remember Uncle Roy? He's an avid hunter with a hunting lease in every other state...

Next post I will discuss how to actually form the group. Comments welcome.

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