Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dynapoint GT ammo

It's kind of funny that the #1 search that brings up my blog is my review of my Savage Arms Mark II .22

I went shooting again yesterday at the range with some new ammo I bought at Dicks made by Winchester.  Dyna point GT.  It's copper plated 40 grain and claims to be a "target" round.  I was interested b/c it was cheap and also b/c it was copper plated.  I had had problems with other ammo not feeding correctly due to the hollow point catching.  Not so with this ammo.

I don't have any pics of my target, but I was hammering nails with this stuff.  At 50 yards I was hitting everything within 1/2-3/4ths of an inch consistently. Switched back to the regular Super X and I knew I had found the good stuff for my gun. I was also able to shoot at the 100 yard targets.  I discovered about a 6" drop that is typical for a .22.  I would really recommend the accutrigger- this trigger is ok, but has a very hard pull.  I would prefer something lighter.

Every gun is different and, especially with .22s, you need to experiment with different ammo to find what works for your gun.  I'll continue to experiment, but I'm very satisfied with my discovery.  I think Dick's is the only place that sells this stuff.  Says Winchester Target on the top and I think a box of 500 loose cost me $12.

I also put my Glock 19 (9mm compact) through the loops.  Performed as expected.  This is a very dependable and fun to shoot pistol.  I could consistently hit head shots at 25 yards (no feat by any means) but for some reason (my errors) I would throw a round to the left when rapid firing.  I can understand shooting low (due to anticipation) but to the left?  I have formal police training (it's been a long time) but I don't remember ever doing that during my training with my service weapon (Glock 22).  Any suggestions?  I know it's my error b/c when I take my time, it's a bullseye every time.  Just looking for a pointer if anyone has seen this in the past.


Jimmy (pen name) said...

Just a follow-up to my shooting experience shooting to the left of the target.

In my rappid fire trigger pulling, I was not pulling the trigger correctly.
Instead of pulling straight back with with second joint of the finger, I was likely pulling slightly to the side by using the nuckle joint- changing the point of aim at the last moment.

ho said...

Exact same thing with my MKII BTV. Shoots the 'Black Box' Dynanapoints at <0.5" @ 50y in light wind. Better than the $10+/50 Target rounds.