Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Been a while since I've posted.  I've done a lot of work up at the cabin.  Build a covered porch and added an awesome picnic table/railing for it.  I've been cutting a lot of wood too.  I set up a deer feeder and have seen tons of deer at all times of the day looking for corn.  Fired up my box wood stove for the first time and baked crescent rolls and brownies in the oven!

I really like my picnic table built in to the porch.  It is so convenient and saves space.  Thanks to Tyson for helping me build it.

Planning to take some deer this season to fill the freezer.  I have seen deer EVERY time I've been up to the property.  I also picked up another kids-size ATV for the the young'ins.  We have a great time up there just messing around. It's not running well yet- but it'll get there.

My website traffic has tapered off, but the Amazon sales of Red Feather Butter have been going strong.  I recently added some new dehydrated and freeze dried food products -so, please check it out and order some stuff from me!

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