Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Get your Priorities Straight!

Just thinking out loud here.

You need water to survive.  Without it, you can last maybe 2-3 days before major dehydration and dehabilitation sets in- then death. So, figure out how to get water and get it purified. Since this is the #1 priority for survival, you should have multiple ways to get clean drinking water for you and your family.  Think bleach, boiling (doesn't have to boil), filtering, etc.

After you have water, you're going to start thinking about food.  But really, you can last for months without it.  We Americans are mighty fat (in general) and carry a lot of food storage with us.  But, to be working at your top condition (and thinking) you need food.  It will also help to keep you healthy (avoiding dehydration, falls, accidents, etc.).  Short term (1 year) you should have a good supply of food stored.  Longer term, you'll need a garden and the seeds, knowledge, and tools to work it.  (Just started selling non-hybrid seeds at my website.)

If you have food and water, others are going to want it.  So, you are in instant danger.  To keep yourself safe you need to have a plan that will surely include firearms.  Follow the laws in your jurisdiction; but if you can, buy guns from private parties at gun shows.  Train with your guns and get educated on how to use them in a fight.  I personally recommend, at a minimum, a .22 cal rifle, a shotgun, battle rifle (AR or AK), and a pistol (in that order).  Heavy on the .22 ammo (How many gun battles do you think you can survive- 2? 3? 4? before your luck runs out.)  Remember, if it has really hit the fan- you aren't going to be concealing anything- and a pistol just ain't going to cut it (except as a back up). 

Once you have water, food, and a way to defend your supplies, you will need a place to store them and yourself. Some may argue that the shelter comes before guns, but if you have food and shelter, but no guns, you won't have either for long- besides most ppl already live in some kind of shelter. There are two main schools of thought on the shelter.  Either shelter in place, or bug out.  (I believe the best option is to prepare for both and do what it right at the moment.)  I like the combo option best- since I currently can't live at a retreat year-round.  Plan to stay in your suburban home as long as you think it is safe to (consider marauders, sanitary conditions, etc.), and then bug out to a safer (though probably less comfortable), remote location when you feel you must.  But have a plan.  How will you get there?  Do you have it stocked before hand?  Can you walk there?  Do you have enough gas in the car to get there?  What alternate routes are there?

There are lots of things to consider when preparing, but this is how I place my priorities.

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