Sunday, September 13, 2009

September Preparedness

For those of you who are just getting started in prepping, or those who have been prepping for a while and just need a few tips,  I've decided to post my prep goals for each month.  You can follow along, and, I'll bet, before long you will have a complete year supply and some.  Those who already have all your prep stuff, I'll lay money that there will be a few things that you'll discover you don't have or that you need to check on.

Here goes:

1. Buy 100 lbs of grain.  (rice, wheat, oats, etc...) (I need a little more oats)
2. Buy at least 1 case of water
3. Add at least $20 cash every payday set aside in house (not in the bank)
4. Don't let gas tank go below 1/2 full
5. Buy (another) 5 gallon gas can, fill it and add Stabil (prolongs shelf life)
6. Big item of the month: Fall/Winter garden prep.  Prepare the soil now- ground, pots, or boxes.  Get tools if necessary, till up yard- turn over this years garden, add supplements if necessary (it is).
7. Check 72-hr kit.  Comfort items?  (hard candy, gum, toys/crayons, cards, novels...)
8. Have scripture study and pray everyday.
9. Bake whole wheat bread every week (4 loaves/week)

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