Friday, September 4, 2009

No luck in the woods today

Today yielded no meat for the freezer.  I got out in the woods around 6am and couldn't get too far in the woods cause it was too dark.  I stayed along the fire road and watched the field until it got lighter.  I got bored and started walking real quietly through the grass and I saw movement to my left.  I froze and watched the movement come towards me.  I wasn't sure what it was at first- something small for sure- a possum I thought.  Then an armadillo came out of the high grass and walked right up to me, stood on it's hind legs and sniffed the air for a few seconds.  I suppose they are blind, because after sniffing the air, it just kept on through the grass in front of me in no big hurry.  Later, I was walking a different field and sprang 3 white tale deer.  One was a buck with just 2 small horns.  I came across a box turtle as well.  Unfortunately, I didn't spy any wild pigs.  I do think I found an area they traverse though.  I staked it out for an hour, but to no avail. Real muddy area that is heavily traffic'd by animals headed toward the lake.

What kid of animal do you think this came from (my photo above)?  Looks like pig to me base off of these tracking photos.


Bitmap said...

If it looks like someone went through with a rototiller then it was pigs.

Have you thought about baiting them?

Jimmy (pen name) said...

Not legal in TX. You have to stop feeding them 10 days before you hunt I believe.

That said, what would you bait them with? Corn?