Sunday, December 2, 2012

Infidel Body Armor Test #1 video.

This is a video of some of the testing we did yesterday on my prototype body armor.  We've got a few changes to make, but I'm very confident we'll have a product ready for sale in the next few weeks.  I'll be selling this at  The idea is that the plates are encapsulted in hardened plastic coating and that traps the bullet fragements.  
The first shot was a 30-06, followed by 7.62x54r, then .223, and then .223 green tiped (semi armor pierceing).  Then AK 7.62x39, and then 357 Mag and 45 cal.
On the second shot, the coating failed along the edges and did not contain all the fragments.  We believe that this is an easy fix, as we applied very little coating on the edge.  I expect that adding more coating will completely fix the problem.
Comments welcome.  Sorry about the wind noise.  Please share.
Each plate weighs 7lb. 
Each plate is 1/2" thick (the plate is 1/4" hardened steel and it has a 1/4" anti spall coating).
The plates (2) will cost under $300.
Yes, it is patent pending.
Yes, I'm also selling the vests to carry them.
Each plate is 10x12" and has a 20 degree curve.

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