Friday, February 10, 2012

Water Filter coming soon

I’m looking at selling an emergency water filtration system on the website.  It’s a do-it-yourself, low budget, but highly effective and portable system that I think many preppers and survivalist would jump at.

When I first started looking into getting a water filter a few years back, I checked out the Berkey stuff and was a little thrown off by the price.  I examined the system and how well it worked- and then I decided to make my own.  So, I bought two of their filters for around $50 each, 2 five gallon buckets, a PVC spigot, some gaskets, and voila!  A home-brewed gravity-fed water filter.  All said and done, it cost me around $130.  Not including some silicon I had to add to the spigot that just wouldn’t hold a very good seal.
Fast forward 3 years, and I run across a water filter manufacturer right here in Dallas.  He’s been making filters for years for missionary and humanitarian groups that go to 3rd world countries - they were distributed to Japan and Haiti after the recent earthquakes.  After talking to him on the phone for a while, I think we might have a deal worked out.  I’m going to visit him next week tour his outfit.

The filters have been tested and certified by John Hopkins University and Analytical Food Laboratories and have been proven to remove all forms of bacteria including E Coli and many others- making river water, pond scum, and sewer water safe to drink. It filters to .2 microns.  

The filters are basically just that- a filter much like what Berkey makes, but without all the bells and whistles (and expensive advertising).  I plan to put together a package that would include a filter, a pre-filter sock, and spigot (that doesn’t leak).  You would then purchase two 5 gallon buckets, drill a few holes, screw in the filter and spigot and presto- you’ve got clean water!  

This is a perfect solution for preppers and those wanting to be self sufficient.  This product can stay in the box until needed and then quickly be assembled to provide the needed water to survive.  Or, you can use it to purify over 20 gallons/day.

Because I’m not selling a designer stainless steel bucket and haven’t paid thousands in advertising, I’ll be able to offer this filter kit for about $35.  This is a tiny fraction of the cost it would take to gather the parts from various stores and hope it all fits together. The filter weighs in at about 1.5 lbs, so shipping would be fairly cheap too. If you've been wanting a water filter, but haven't got one yet because of the price- now there is no excuse.

If all goes well next week, I’ll be able to start selling these right away.  If you’re interested in owning a filter, let me know so I can get a list started for the pre-orders.  Distributors are welcome to contact me as well.

BTW, I've started a sister company called  Please link to it and tell your friends.   I appreciate all "likes"


Tyler Bushman said...

Those sound like an awesome deal. I'd like to get one from you if everything works out.

Jimmy (pen name) said...

Just an update- we have water filters ready to ship!

Unknown said...

Is your filter can be used during nuclear fallout???

Unknown said...

Is your filter can be used during nuclear fallout???