Friday, February 3, 2012

I added a new raised flower bed today.

I added a new raised flower bed today. I used 2x10s and fastened them together.  The kids painted them and I put cardboard under it (after scalping the yard with the mower).  Then I added some peat moss.  My composts are currently brimming with material.  I found a guy that lets me haul away his horse manure.  I also just met a guy with rabbits and he gave me a feed bag full of it. So, while the bed only has an inch or so of peat in it, this March the compost will be ready and this bed will be full.

I also bought these trellises that will double as green houses when I cover them with clear plastic.
My broccoli is doing great.  With this warm winter they are doing really well.  I wish I had planted more.

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