Sunday, April 3, 2011

Workin on the land

Here you can see the pad that was cut in for the cabin.  It will end up being about 2x's the size it is now.  Laterine and small ATV trailer in the background.

Here's the laterine my wife and I made a few weekends ago.  I picked up that ATV trailer for $80 and put a new deck on it ($35).  Works like a charm and I can load up lots of logs and rocks.

A start to my wood pile.

So, this weekend we checked out the work that Ron did cutting in a driveway and covering my culvert I bought.  He leveled a good area for the cabin, but we will ask him to enlarge it some more.  He also put 2 truck loads of shale on the driveway- need more.  I cut down a dozen or so trees, but didn't have a chance to stack them all.  We have soooo much work to do out there.  Lots of trees to clear.  Going to put up a largeish shed/barn that we will sleep in until the big cabin is done.  With no electricity, I'm planning to buy 4-5 golf cart batteries and run a small window A/C unit at night.  I also need to schedule the well man to put us in a well maybe next month or the one after.  My ATV has come in handy- I totally recommend one to anyone that has land.

My horseshoe shaped driveway.  (A must with a trailer)

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Tyler Bushman said...

Wow, what a change from the last time you were there. It looks like that drive is completed well enough to drive on too. That's pretty exciting to see so much change.