Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm back...

Hey- long time no write.  I’ve been busy and on vacation and, frankly, uninspired to write anything.


I got a chainsaw. Went to a gunshow. Went camping, and I’ve been doing a lot of reading.


I listened to the Fountain Head, by Ayn Rand on audio tape.  Very good.  I recommend it to all.


Also, finished up Liberty and Tyranny, by Mark Levin.  Very good read for anyone.  Especially conservatives- there is a conservative manifesto at the back which basically spells out all of our beliefs on nearly every major topic.  (At least my beliefs…)


I was on the other day and saw this small drainage tunnel that was converted to a living space.  I thought there might be some application for those considering a makeshift bomb-shelter/hidey hole.  You could attach different connectors (Like a 4 way) and have different rooms.  Not sure about the cost of these- but I think it could be waterproof, fire proof, concealable, expandable, offer some level of ballistic protection.  Challenges would be logistics, making it water-tight on the doors, making the portals, wiring, leveling, and convincing anyone to live in it…


Anyways, my garden is doing well.  I’ve learned a lot this first year.  I’m already planning what I’ll do next spring.  I’ve learned that lettuce isn’t that good of a plant for nutrition and unless you can chill it for a few days, it tastes gross.  I’m going to do more tomatoes and potatoes.  Plant some corn.  Do more greenbeans and squash.  Forget strawberries.  Forget kale, greens… and others.



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Chip Monk said...

I've enjoyed your blog, and that little image of the cheap MAK-90s makes me almost cry. ;)
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I've started a Family-oriented Survive/Preparedness podcast in case you want to share it with your readers. It's found here: and my blog is here:
Thanks and keep up the good work!
Chip Monk :)