Saturday, January 30, 2010

After Armageddon

For those who were looking for it...  Comments welcome.


Jimmy (pen name) said...

I watched the show with my wife, and halfway through it, she say,"We need more water."

This has been a great tool to help her open her eyes to the possibilities of danger.

Not a very cheerful video, but it has some useful information like:

You can't catch the flu from a dead body.

Keith said...

Excellent video. Like I said earlier, you do not want to stay in the city.
Le Loup.

Ken said...

Things would recover, because science and technology, allow for trade and the ability to out compete our neighbors. How much is that antibotic worth? Everything you have! That's not to say you wouldn't re-enter some dark ages and atrocities, oh you would, but human's will survive. Look at the incredible diversity of thought now. Ant/grass-hopper and the whole spectrum in between. That's why we'll survive as a species.