Sunday, June 17, 2012

Garden and Chicken Update

My zucchini got some kind of leaf mold and died off; but not before producing nearly 12 good sized squash.
Tomatoes are rocking- especially the ones in my new garden bed.  Mixture of peat, rabbit manure, horse muck, and vermiculite.
The okra is growing nicely.
The beans did enough to freeze and can several bags/jars full.  I ripped out 1/2 of them and replanted.
Potatoes are not doing well at all, which was a big disappointment since I got extra straw to cover them with.
Sweet potatoes on the other hand are growing very well (both the microwaved and non-microwaved water ones).

We got 3 chicks at Easter and they all ended up either being roosters or crowing chickens (barnyard variety).  We returned those and got three more from another place.  We got a buff silkie, and 2 Cochins.

Here's some photos:

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