Saturday, April 7, 2012

Craigslist score! Traps

I picked up 21 vintage Onida Victor traps today.  Size 0-2 assorted.  As best as I can figure, these work just fine (I tested several).  All but two are long spring variety and two are coil spring.  Lightly rusted.  Apparently they were hanging as decoration in a cabin in Colorado for years. 

I did find a tuft of fur in one of them (so I know they were actually used at one point). The prices for these typically range from ~$10 up to $18.  So, figure minimum is around $250.  I paid $75!!  Yeah.  I want to try these out and trap some coyotes in the area.  (For Texas, as long as you have a hunting license and are hunting for a non-fur bearer (like coyote) then you can trap them year-round :).

These could come in handy some day.

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