Saturday, March 19, 2011

Land Ho!

Well, at long last we have purchased 10 acres of land in an undisclosed location west of the Mississippi.
Nearby water, plenty of game animals.  Lots of trees.  About 2 hrs from my house.  (close but not too close).  It doesn't cross any major freeways and it's away from major population centers.

We got about 1 acre cleared out so far and will start building a cabin soon on that cleared area.  So far, we've put in a latrine, a tire swing, and a zip line (you gotta have fun).  There's room for a pond on the lower part of the property too.

I plan to plant some apple and pecan trees very soon. There's lots of pine trees and many hardwoods .

The land is very remote, so I have to get a well put in and find a source of energy to pump it.  I'm seriously considering a wood-powered steam engine to power a generator (that will make enough energy to charge a set of batteries and run the AC. .

 I've also started caching some supplies.  I'll be getting some of the food buckets from and put them into a sealed 55 gallon drum a burry it.  I also want to cache a mosin nagant and some sealed spam can of ammo up there.  That way if I have to bug out, there will already be stuff there.

The next building to go up will be a 10x10 shed/barn that we can sleep in at night and store some tool in.


Tracy Dear said...

Congratulations!! Looking forward to my package (84 pkg of Wise foods) to come in the mail any day!

Keith said...

The area looks good.

Mayberry said...

Congrats! That's awesome.

Jimmy (pen name) said...

Thanks. There's still a lot of work to be done up there. I'm looking at all kinds of buildings for the main retreat. Stick build, masonry, metal buildings, straw bale, sand bags.... I've looked at them all and stick building still comes up to the top for me.

Any recommendations?

Mayberry said...

Stick built still covers a lot of options. All depends on what you want...