Monday, February 21, 2011

Food Prices?

Due to the overwhelming response, (and my desire to limit e-mail coorespondence) simply e-mail me and I’ll send you the secret non-advertised price for the Wise Foods stuff (that way you don’t have to spend time checking the prices everywhere else).  I can’t give huge discounts on the lower priced items (there’s not that much mark up to begin with), but the buckets I can get to you at a very good deal.  Again, I can’t advertize these super-low prices online.  (I used to think this was a marketing ploy to get people to call- but I had to sign a non-disclosure statement and promise not to advertize below a certain price.)


I don’t want to be using this blog to be advertising my stuff- I just want to pass along a good deal to other preppers when it comes around.  I’ll provide updates from time to time.  Please spread the word.


In other news,  solar flares, volcano erruptions, rioting, war, rumors of war, inflation, corruption, snow storms, famine, drought, and more top the list on Drudge.  Can you think of any more reasons to prepare?   And man!  Did you see that photo of Gaddafi?  That’s one scary looking dude.



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