Saturday, October 9, 2010

Propane deal

Stock up on fuels.  All kinds.  Wood (and ways to harvest it), charcol, gasoline (but remember safety and storage life), diesel (if your fortunate enough to have an engine that uses it), Coleman fuel (you have a Coleman stove and lantern right?), and propane (for grills, heaters, stoves, etc.)  Propane fuel can store for a VERY long time and VERY safely (compared to gasoline).

I recently purchased three 20lb tanks (the size that typically go under a gas grill) from a garage sale and on craigslist.  The three tanks were old and rusty.  I paid a total of $13 for all three. This morning I exchanged all three at Lowes for $50 (with my 10% military discount) and got some very nice full Blue Rhino tanks.  These full tanks retail (without an exchange) for over $50 each!  So for you non mathematicians, that's $150 worth of propane for $63!  better than 1/2 price off. 

Now that you have tanks in servicable conditon (no rust or old valves) you can get them refilled when needed for even less.  Tanks at garage sales are a bargain!

Keep your eyes open for propane tanks; you can usually pick up the ugly ones for $5 or so.  Exchange them and presto- you have a new or refurbished tank for 1/2 price.

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