Saturday, February 6, 2010

East Coast snow causes rush on food stores

The east coast is going to be up to their necks in snow this weekend.  People always freakout in the east whenever there is snow- but this time it looks like it's justified.  2 1/2 feet are predicted.  Hope you guys affected by the snow were prepared.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

Shoppers jammed aisles and emptied stores of milk, bread, shovels, driveway salt and other supplies. Many scrambling for food and supplies were too late.
"Our shelves are bare," said Food Lion front-end manager Darlene Baboo in Dover. "This is just unreal."
Airlines canceled flights, churches called off weekend services and people wondered if they would be stuck at home for several days in a region ill-equipped to deal with so much snow.
Several thousand people in West Virginia, Virginia and Pennsylvania had lost electricity and more outages were expected as the snow began to bring down power lines. A hospital fire in D.C. sent about three dozen patients scurrying from their rooms to safety in a basement. The blaze started when a snow plow truck caught fire near the building.

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